Sunday, July 21, 2024

Assessing the state of the Iran nuclear deal

By Seyed Hossein Mousavian

There has long been much handwringing in Washington over Iran’s ballistic missiles. They are portrayed as a threat to regional security developed with the aim of one day being armed with nuclear warheads. Yet those missiles form an integral part of Iran’s defensive military posture, which is fundamentally geared towards deterring attack.

When it comes …

Will ASEAN survive the new geopolitical competition between the US and China?

Will ASEAN survive the new geopolitical competition between the US and China?
By Kishore Mahbubani

US-China relations were always destined to end in difficult territory. Whenever the world’s number two power (today China) is about to overtake the world’s number one power (today USA), relations inevitably get difficult. However, the inherent difficulties are likely to be aggravated by the election of Donald Trump. He has shown virtually no diplomatic restraint …

Terror is the dark side of globalization, where people, alliances and old institutions are losing their base

By Elmar Thevessen

What is the difference between the West and the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda? They want to save the world, but the West only wants to save itself. Sounds far-fetched? Provocative? Insulting? None of the above. It is a realistic analysis, as long as the West allows it to be seen …

When is a cyber attack an act of war?

By Georg Mascolo

If foreign soldiers attack Germany, Berlin would more or less know how to react. Responses in such situations often involve familiar political procedures, trained armed forces and regulations dictated by international law.

However, if Germany becomes the target of a cyber attack, things would look a bit different. It could be that no one really …

Five forces that are making global security “liquid”

Five forces that are making global security “liquid”
By Mark Leonard

As the liberal order frays and geopolitical competition returns, it is natural that people turn to Henry Kissinger. No one has a more finely grained understanding of power politics, and his latest treatise, World Order, sits on the bedside tables of many global leaders, even if few have actually read it. But Kissinger’s ideas of …

Africa’s progress is a global common good. Investment in its future is a matter of security – and economic opportunity

By Horst Köhler

On the evening of President Trump’s inauguration, I was having dinner with a group of friends and colleagues, many of them from Africa. There was a sense of disbelief, of defiance, but also of sadness in the room – sadness that a nation whose very strength was built on openness and optimism would now slam …

Making states responsible for their activities in cyberspace

Making states responsible for their activities in cyberspace
By Annegret Bendiek and Ben Wagner

Cyberwar continues to serve as a hot topic in many of the discussions on the future of war. Yet despite the persistent debate about warfare on the internet, it is questionable whether cyberwar has actually taken place in the past or is likely to occur in future. Ever since states engaged in international security policy, …