Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Security Strategy

Watch this space

By Nayef Al-Rodhan

The critical interplay between cybersecurity and outer-space security

Outer space has become a critical asset for the modern state. Satellites in outer space are crucial for life on earth: We are dependent on satellites to support everything from vital supply chains, emergency communications and military operations to weather forecasting, financial markets, navigation and electrical power grids. But as technology advances, space activities are increasingly exposed to potential vulnerabilities and security …

State of a state

By Ian Bancroft

The dispute between Kosovo and Serbia calls for more active European diplomacy

The tenth anniversary of the 2013 Brussels Agreement, one of the triumphs of European diplomacy, should have been celebrated with considerable fanfare. Instead, tensions between Serbia and Kosovo have chiseled away at many of the achievements of the past decade, diluting what hope existed for a comprehensive deal normalizing their relations. With the glue of the EU having …

Ifs, ands and bots

By Jonathan Zittrain

The next round of cyberattacks might come from a discussion about knitting

If reading articles about cybersecurity has become a little tiresome, it’s because its curse has been deep and persistent. Our information technologies, particularly public-facing ones, are innately permeable and reprogrammable from afar. That’s what makes them so powerful, and also so vulnerable, whether for states, companies or a beleaguered solitary target with, say, a cloud email account containing …

Election day is payday

Election day is payday
By Markus Hoehne, Tabea Scharrer and Katrin Seidel

Misguided external engagement in Somalia and South Sudan show it’s time to rethink political interventions

After repeated delays and massive wrangling among politicians and their supporters, Somalia finally held its parliamentary and presidential elections in May 2022. Elections in South Sudan, initially planned for 2015, have been repeatedly postponed, with the current date set for the end of 2024. Both countries have long suffered the damage of war and political …

Sommer Time

By Detlef Prinz

For us, Theo Sommer was always Ted.

The invitation to call him Ted was both a sign of familiarity and an expression of generosity, magnanimity and the absence of any kind of conceit on his part. People who had the pleasure of working with him never found themselves speaking to Herr Sommer, that towering figure behind DIE ZEIT. Instead, they were always inevitably talking to Ted.

Theo Sommer was the …

Pledge of Alliance

Pledge of Alliance
By Christine Lambrecht

NATO and the EU can rely on Germany

For more than a decade, the strategic focus of global politics has been shifting steadily toward Asia. And yet, today, at the Munich Security Conference, the emphasis is once again on Europe. After Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which was carried out in violation of international law, and after the war in Donetsk and Luhansk, it is uncertain what the Federation’s next move …

Permacrisis Europe

Permacrisis Europe
By Wolfgang Ischinger

The West V. Russia.

“The question of war and peace has returned to the European continent,” said then-Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in 2015. Less than one year earlier, Russia had invaded and annexed Crimea in a cloak-and-dagger operation. What followed was international condemnation and a period of intense shuttle diplomacy between Moscow, Kyiv and capitals in the West. Arriving directly from talks in Moscow, …

All together now

All together now
By Detlef Prinz

There’s no question that the Munich Security Conference (MSC) is being held this year in a perilous international political environment. We hope that all participants can take full advantage of the opportunity for intensive discussion, debate and negotiation. This is what matters, now more than ever.

As delighted as I am to greet the large US delegation, I’m deeply disappointed that no member of the Russian delegation is making the …

“Germany sometimes walks around Europe like it owns the place.”

By Security Times

In an interview with The Security Times, Sigmar Gabriel discusses Germany’s complicated relationship to the US, to Russia and to the states of Eastern Europe.


The Security Times: What role does the German-American partnership still play in 2022? Is Berlin still a reliable ally of Washington? And vice versa?

 In light of the near-tectonic shifts in the world’s economic, political and military axes of power, democratic states around the …

Down to the wire

By Dmitri Trenin

The blow-by-blow of Europeʼs ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

1. The current crisis in Russia-West relations is not primarily about Ukraine, but essentially about the architecture of European security. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s current goal is not to take over Ukraine or wrestle it back to the Russian sphere of influence. Rather, it is to replace the post-Cold War system, which is dominated by the United States and managed through NATO …