Sunday, June 23, 2024

John McCain, in memoriam

By Detlef Prinz

We have lost a dear friend and will miss him greatly. Senator John McCain, one of the great transatlanticists and a champion of the free world’s values, is with us no more. His fortitude and statesman’s devotion to a liberal world order made him a towering figure of the transatlantic community of values of our time.

Senator McCain knew there is no alternative to the transatlantic alliance between the United States and Europe. He traveled the world as a bridge builder to make it a better, freer, more secure and more livable place.

John McCain stood up for these values with passion. We will never forget the political creed he put to words at this year’s Munich Security Conference and tirelessly lived: his conviction that peace and prosperity depend on the success of these values – and that they are worth fighting for. Senator John McCain fought for a world where truth prevails over lies, national sovereignty triumphs over servitude and justice over oppression, freedom beats tyranny, power is transformed into legitimacy, and where the fate of nations and peoples is determined by law and justice – and not by the whims of a strongman.

Senator John McCain’s global vision of peace, freedom, democracy and exchange is his legacy for us all. We honor it and will continue to uphold it, as our mission and duty.

And that’s a promise, Senator McCain.


Photo Credit

48th Munich Security Conference, 2012: US-Senator John McCain introduces his speech with the cover of The Security Times. Zhijun Zhang Vice minister of Foreign Affairs, China, and Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman Kissinger Associates, USA, are paying attention to his speech.  / Photo by Christopher Prinz