Sunday, July 21, 2024
Security Briefs

Africa’s progress is a global common good. Investment in its future is a matter of security – and economic opportunity

By Horst Köhler

On the evening of President Trump’s inauguration, I was having dinner with a group of friends and colleagues, many of them from Africa. There was a sense of disbelief, of defiance, but also of sadness in the room – sadness that a nation whose very strength was built on openness and optimism would now slam the door to the rest of the world in an act of smallness and fear. …

Making states responsible for their activities in cyberspace

Making states responsible for their activities in cyberspace
By Annegret Bendiek and Ben Wagner

Cyberwar continues to serve as a hot topic in many of the discussions on the future of war. Yet despite the persistent debate about warfare on the internet, it is questionable whether cyberwar has actually taken place in the past or is likely to occur in future. Ever since states engaged in international security policy, they have been caught in the security dilemma. That dilemma has triggered arms races and …